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CBD oil raw 5% (500mg of CBD)

CBD oil raw 5% (500mg of CBD)

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  • Cannactiva Original CBD Oil is a 100% natural, unrefined full spectrum hemp extract. 
  • This CBD is obtained from the most delicate and gentle extraction methods to guarantee that all the properties of the plant prevail in the final product. 
  • The CBD-rich hemp extract is diluted in hemp seed oil in different proportions, depending on the percentage of CBD. 
  • This extract is not refined, so the waxes, chlorophylls and other natural elements present in the cannabis resin (hemp) remain in the product. These resins, and bitter flavors, are natural compounds that also add a certain beneficial component to the product.
  • Due to the hemp resin, in high concentrations of CBD, we can observe a certain thickness. For this reason, it is necessary to shake well before use, keep the product at room temperature, and squeeze the pipette nipple well so that the vial properly absorbs the extract.


    Each milliliter of CBD Oil contains approximately 20 drops.
    When the dropper nipple is depressed, releasing it fills the pipette vial.
    A vial that has absorbed the amount allowed by the nipple is equivalent to approximately one milliliter.

    How to use:

    Hemp extracts are not something invented now, but have been used for thousands of years by mankind. Still, we understand that the new CBD trend has meant that the cannabis plant is reaching more and more people.

    Although cannabidiol or CBD is not psychoactive or narcotic, many doubts can arise. To solve this problem, we have a customer service at your disposal to solve any question.

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