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We are very excited to welcome everybody to our online store i-cana.com. Our passion is not only selling products , but also informing and raising the awareness of the health benefits coming from the Sativa L plant which exists for thousands of years. Slowly but surely people around the world are starting to use CBD products to reduce daily stress symptoms such as burn out , headaches , sleeplessness and many many more. But there are so much more benefits coming from CBD which will mirror in the big variety of products finding their way in our daily use , such as beauty care cosmetics or sports related usage. That is why we are striving to have the biggest variety of products so that you can find the right product for you which will be delivered right to your front door. 

So much for our mission but lets tell you something about us: 

 We are a greek company, based in Thessaloniki  and founded lately out of love for misunderstood nature, hemp products and their health benefits. Our passion and dedication is the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, one of the oldest plants on our planet. Hemp has been of great use to mankind throughout history and is a plant that presents many sources of wealth.

Our passion is to make known to the world the benefits of hemp for our society and general well-being. Our company philosophy is very simple: Love for nature, peace and respect.

That being said , lets welcome you once more to iCana and we hope that you like our store.... whatever question you have regarding our products , feel free to mail us through our contact form. we will gladly help you further

kind regards





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