Our new brand ambassador....

Let's have a warm welcome to iCana's new brand ambassador Vicky Moutopoulou . Vicky is a womens physique IFBB pro athlete from greece and a personal trainer. We are very excited to see where her journey will go in the upcoming season and on her way back to the stage. 

Vicky is a fierce competitor , holding various titles and living the healthy fitness lifestyle to the fullest. As her bodybuilding journey continues she profits from the health benefits of CBD to decrease stress and increase recovery in her daily life.

Our new brand ambassador....

Since CBD is a great support for the recovery after heavy workouts for the muscle and the nervous system, we believe that the results and the progress of her development will speak for itself. 

check out Vicky's social media...

Facebook : Vicky Moutopoulou IFBB Pro 

Instagram : @vicky_moutopoulou_ifbb_pro

....we are very excited about the upcoming year.!

Welcome to iCana Vicky

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Stunning beauty… good luck

Mark Weinberger

Congratulations 🙏🏻 Beautiful muscles💪🏻


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